Our Glow Candles

We make nostalgic, hand-poured beeswax candles inspired by pop culture phrases, songs, and places aimed to help guide you in self-exploration. 


Feel the power of beeswax, the natural air cleanser. As soon as you light your candle, the negative ions released will give you a sudden mood boost, while naturally purifying the air of dust, mold, and odors. 

  • Major Mood Booster 
  • Reduces stress 
  • Eliminates Dust, Mold and Odors 
  • Smells Amazing  
  • Baby Safe 
  • Doggy Safe 


Our glow candles are hand-poured in our nation's capital with ethically sourced beeswax, lead free hemp wicks, coconut oil, and a blend of fine fragrance oils with essential oils, creating a clean, eco- friendly burn that will give you only good vibes. All scents are phthalate and paraben free. Plus no palm trees were slain in the making. What's not to love?

  • 100% Non Toxic Formula
  • No GMOs 
  • Certified Organic 
  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Sustainable Packaging 
  • No Palm Trees Were Slain In The Making