Why Beeswax?

Beeswax is a powerful natural air cleaner that has been used for centuries. When burned, beeswax releases negative ions which helps to boost your mood, and purify the air of the dust, mold, and odors. Leaving you a stress free, clean home.

What are the ingredients?

Made in Washington, DC of 100% domestically-grown beeswax, a lead free hemp wick, coconut oil, and a blend of premium grade fragrance oils with essential oils, creating a clean, eco-friendly burn that will give you only good vibes. 

Are your fragrances 100% non-toxic?

Of course! We wouldn't do you like that. Our fragrances are made using the highest quality fine fragrance oils and essential oils sourced from around the world. All fragrance used are both phthalate and paraben free. 

What does 100% Natural mean?

This means that each ingredient is 100% natural or naturally derived as defined by ISO 92350 - Natural Aromatic Raw Materials Vocabulary.  100% natural fragrances are sourced from raw plant materials, such as essential oils, fractions of essential oils, naturally derived isolates, absolutes and resins obtained from plants and flowers using distillation, expression, or extraction. Candles that are 100% natural are marked within the description.


How can I take care of my candle?

We got you! To get the best results follow our Candle Care guide. 

Do you offer samples?

Yes, you can try our cute af OGs Sample Pack and limited edition Summer On Fuego Sample Pack  now!

Why are certain candles limited edition?

Our limited edition items are seasonal, and like the ever-changing seasons, our scents come and go. So make sure you re-up before the next season hits! 

Do you offer bigger sizes? 

With our candles, looks are definitely deceiving. Beeswax burns slower than any other wax out there, granting you more benefits, with longer burn times. This means our sizes may appear to be small, but will last long. 

Can I recycle my candle?

Yes, you sure can! We love this question because we hope that’s exactly what you do. Your candle jar is made of glass meaning you can even repurpose it to your desire. Our favorite ways to repurpose our jars are to turn them into cups, food storage containers, makeup brush holders, and cute homes for plants.

How are you working on sustainability? 

Sustainability is important to us, that’s why we try to work from the inside out. Our glow candles are made with thoughtfully sourced materials, and shipped in recyclable items. Though, of course, we are always modifying our process and materials, to ensure we are using the less damaging methods. 



Can I buy bulk candles for my event/wedding/corporate gift?

Yes, with the order of a minimum of 24 pieces of one style/scent. Contact us for further information on bulk orders.

Do you offer candle refills?

Not yet, but we are excited to share that we will soon have that as an option. Stay tuned!

Why didn't I receive a physical receipt?

To save trees we like to send your invoice via email.

What if I want to send my purchase as a gift?

Aww, you're so thoughtful. Show your special someone some love, by indicating in the note section at checkout that the item is a gift, and the message you would like to send your special someone. The item will be shipped without a receipt inside. 



When can I expect my package to ship?

You can expect for your items to ship within 1-4 days. To learn more, read our Shipping & Returns

Can I return my order? 

Yes, if you receive your glow candle and is still not happy with it, follow the steps in our Shipping & Returns guideline. 

I need my candle by tomorrow, can I do rush shipping? 

Unfortunately no, our products are made to order just for you, meaning we handcraft everything with intention and care in our studio. Our artisans work really hard to get everything shipped out to you in a quick manner!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, place an online order and will ship to wherever you may be in the world!


Got Questions?

Contact us and we will answer all of your questions. Ask away!

    ✨ We create nostalgic self-care products made for intimate moments of self reflection and exploration.

    At HoneyGlow, we believe that self-care should be as simple as lighting a candle. ✨


    Candles are everything to me. There have been times where burning a candle was the power I needed to give me the energy necessary to continue on.

    I wanted HoneyGlow to feel like home, so a lot goes into every part of the curation of a collection. I want to share my comfort so others can find theirs too.

    No matter what you'll get the same thing:

    Non-Toxic Formula


    Ethically- Sourced

    Substainably-Sourced From
    Local Bee Gardens

    Our beeswax is the key to a simple, and non-toxic self-care routine. As soon as you light your candle, the negative ions released will give you a sudden mood boost, while naturally purifying the air of dust, mold, and odors. It also burns x2 longer than your typical soy/paraffin candles, so your me-time can last.

    ENJOY ;)