Our Founder

HoneyGlow Co creates nostalgic, hand-poured beeswax candles meant to celebrate our past memories, as well as create new ones. Based out of Washington, DC, we stand by the idea that taking care of oneself can be a simple and joyful process. We make luxury beeswax candles inspired by pop culture phrases, songs, and places aimed to help guide you in self-exploration. 

"I realized that I had a real love for candles when I noticed the power that scents had over my mood. There were many times when burning candles helped me wind down and gave me the mental clarity to continue on."

At HoneyGlow Co, we recognize that self-care is the best kind of care. We believe that health and wellness does not have to be hard or overwhelming, but should always be simple and make you feel amazing. That's why HoneyGlow Co makes it our mission to provide the best quality products, curated with care, and made-to-order just for you!

We welcome timeless creations that encourage people to take part in the things that make them feel good.

✨ We create nostalgic self-care products made for intimate moments of self reflection and exploration.

At HoneyGlow, we believe that self-care should be as simple as lighting a candle. ✨


Candles are everything to me. There have been times where burning a candle was the power I needed to give me the energy necessary to continue on.

I wanted HoneyGlow to feel like home, so a lot goes into every part of the curation of a collection. I want to share my comfort so others can find theirs too.

No matter what you'll get the same thing:

Non-Toxic Formula


Ethically- Sourced

Substainably-Sourced From
Local Bee Gardens

Our beeswax is the key to a simple, and non-toxic self-care routine. As soon as you light your candle, the negative ions released will give you a sudden mood boost, while naturally purifying the air of dust, mold, and odors. It also burns x2 longer than your typical soy/paraffin candles, so your me-time can last.