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Look out for our new summer scents, coming this July 2020!

Passion Fruit 

Two step, and whine the summer away with this joyous and juicy smell. 

Mood: Tropicana Drip

Make: Rejuvenating Green Apple, Fresh Açai Berries, & Hydrating Coconut Water


Body that shines like glitter. Skin with the power to break light. Feeling content sitting in your melanin, and looking damn good doing it.

Mood: Warm & Sensual

Make: Rich Blackcurrant Berries, Bright Passionfruit, & Ripe Raspberries

Peaches & Cream 

Remember when this classic would come on the MTV music channel? Like the song, this scent will have you moving and grooving throughout the hot summer days. 

Mood: Hot & Heavy 

Make: Silky Peach Cream, Succulent Apricot, & Sparkling Grapefruit