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✨ We create nostalgic self-care products made for intimate moments of self reflection and exploration.

At HoneyGlow, we believe that self-care should be as simple as lighting a candle. ✨


Candles are everything to me. There have been times where burning a candle was the power I needed to give me the energy necessary to continue on.

I wanted HoneyGlow to feel like home, so a lot goes into every part of the curation of a collection. I want to share my comfort so others can find theirs too.

No matter what you'll get the same thing:

Non-Toxic Formula


Ethically- Sourced

Substainably-Sourced From
Local Bee Gardens

Our beeswax is the key to a simple, and non-toxic self-care routine. As soon as you light your candle, the negative ions released will give you a sudden mood boost, while naturally purifying the air of dust, mold, and odors. It also burns x2 longer than your typical soy/paraffin candles, so your me-time can last.