How long will the scent last? 

Once sprayed you should expect the scent to last from a few minutes to hours depending on how many sprays you use. We recommend 2-3 to get the best results. 

Is this safe for my clothes?

Yes! Our mist actually lasts the longest when sprayed directly onto fabrics, blankets, pillows, clothing, etc. 

Approximately how many sprays will I get? 

Our 4 oz mists will give you 1,122 sprays. Yes, we counted.

What does Wildcrafted mean? 

It means that our witch hazel is sustainably harvested from wild plants growing without any human intervention.

How is your product 100% organic? 

All our witch hazel is harvested with great care according to all National Organic Program and State Forestry Regulations.

What is your harvesting process? 

Our witch hazel is harvested in the North Eastern regions of the United States, utilizing a no waste system, where all parts of the witch hazel plant are fully used during production, with leftover plant materials recycled into a natural, biodegradable mulch.