What is a massage candle and how do I use it?

What is a massage candle?

A candle that when lit transforms into a warm moisturizing body oil.

How to use the oil once melted?

Once melted, blow your candle out, wait 10-15 seconds, ten pour/dip the oil onto your desired area(s). Enjoy! 

Will this candle burn me?

No, this candle is oil-based, meaning that it has a lower burning temperature than regular candle wax.

Is the massage oil edible?

No. Please do not consume this oil, trust us it is not good!

Is it vagina/penis safe?

Yes! Men love to use this for their personal needs. The verdict is still out for the ladies (let us know if you've used it), but it is definitely safe to use down there. We do not recommend using the oil for intercourse.