Mangolia|Body Lava
Mangolia|Body Lava
Mangolia|Body Lava

Mangolia|Body Lava

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SMELLS LIKE: Soft Citris

The secret sauce to your summer glow.

Take your skin to the next level with this illuminating, skin softening massage candle that does it all: protects, hydrates, and repairs, all while making your space smell bomb. This innovative candle melts into your skin, leaving a sun kissed, healthy-looking shimmer that’s smooth to the touch. The gentle scent of loving coconut milk embraces fresh lemon juice and cozy vanilla bean creating a lingering summer treat.


    Light up your candle and enjoy the subtle smell of refreshing lemon drops for  while, then when ready (we recommend burning for 10-15mins), blow out the candle. Wait 10-15 secs then pour on your desired area(s), massage in, and repeat.

    PRO TIP: We highly recommend lighting the candle during your shower/ bath, then using the oil right, for that spa at home feel.

    Mango Butter: Packed with a combination of the most skin softening natural body moisturizers, like Vitamins A, C, & E which helps support collagen production, and moisture retention.

    Moringa Oil: One of the most lightweight and non-greasy oils, filled with anti-aging antioxidants effective at plumping fine lines and wrinkles, giving you that youthful glow.

    Soybean Oil: Anti-inflammatory and rich in Vitamin E, helping to maintain the skin's barrier and decreases moisture loss.

    Beeswax: Encourages cell reconstruction and naturally protects skin from harsh environments. 

    MICA: Gives skin an illuminating summertime glow which creates the appearance of a smoother, softer and more radiant skin tone.  

    100% Ethically-Sourced MICA, Beeswax, Organic Coconut, Soybean, & Moringa Oils, Mango Butter, Hempwick, & Fine Fragrance Oil

    FULL INGREDIENTS: Lemon, Coconut, Shea Butter, Vanilla, Beeswax, Coconut, Soybean, & Moringa Oils, MICA, Mango Butter, Hempwick.

    Will this candle burn me?

    No, this candle is oil-based, meaning that it has a lower burning temperature than regular candle wax.

    Is the massage oil edible?

    No. Please do not consume this oil, trust us it is not good!

    Is it vagina/penis safe?

    Yes! Men love to use this for their personal needs. The verdict is still out for the ladies (let us know if you've used it for that reason), but it is definitely safe to use down there. However, we don’t recommend using the oil for intercourse. 

    What’s the burn time?

    Expect to get at least 20 hours of burn time per 4oz candle.

    How to use the oil once melted?

    Once melted, blow your candle out, wait 10-15 seconds, then pour/dip the oil onto your desired area(s). Enjoy!

    What is MICA?

     MICA is a natural stone that is then ground into a very fine glitter powder.

    Is your MICA ethically sourced?

    Yes, we only use ethically sourced micas plus a portion of proceeds is donated to Made in the Free World, an organization dedicated to eradicating child slavery and forced child labor.

    Is this candle organic?

    Yes, this candle only uses certified organic oils and waxes. It is extremely important to us to make sure our product is as safe as possible, so this candle is made with certified organic oils and waxes, all of which are phthalate, paraben, and gluten free. If it feels uncomfortable on any body part, just wipe away with a damp towel.

    What does 100% Natural mean?

    This means that each ingredient is 100% natural or naturally derived as defined by ISO 92350 - Natural Aromatic Raw Materials Vocabulary. 100% natural fragrances are sourced from raw plant materials, such as essential oils, fractions of essential oils, naturally derived isolates, absolutes and resins obtained from plants and flowers using distillation, expression, or extraction. Candles that are 100% natural are marked within the description.

    Are your candles handmade?

    Yes, all of our candles are made with hands.... we find that it helps add extra love and care!

    How can I take care of my candle?

    We got you! To get the best results follow our Candle Care guide. 

    What are your shipping times?

    All items usually ship within 3-5 days. Click here for more info on our shipping policy.

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