Massage Candle Making Kit
Massage Candle Making Kit
Massage Candle Making Kit

Massage Candle Making Kit

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A handcrafted candle, made by you.

Make your own massage candles for the fam, your friends, or your damn self, all in the comfort of your home. This candle making kit is fun, easy to use and comes with a never released mystery scent that will not disappoint, all packaged in a cute AF giftable box.

Supplies are limited with no guarantee to restock, so make sure you lock in your experience! 

What's in the Kit?
~  Lead-Free Cotton Wick
~  Non-Toxic Wax Bar
~  Candle Jar and Top
~ Custom Candle Label
~  Wick Centering Tool
~  Reusable Mixing Spoon
~ Mystery Fragrance 
~ Candle Safety Label
~ Instruction Card
~ Self-Care Activity Sheet

You will need:
~ A Phone
~ Glass Measuring Cup
~ Microwave

What is a massage candle?

A candle that when lit transforms into a warm moisturizing body oil.

How to use the oil once melted?

Once melted, blow your candle out, wait 10-15 seconds, ten pour/dip the oil onto your desired area(s). Enjoy! 

Will this candle burn me?

No, this candle is oil-based, meaning that it has a lower burning temperature than regular candle wax.

Is the massage oil edible?

No. Please do not consume this oil, trust us it is not good!

Is it vagina/penis safe?

Yes! Men love to use this for their personal needs. The verdict is still out for the ladies (let us know if you've used it), but it is definitely safe to use down there. We do not recommend using the oil for intercourse.

Yes! Candle making is a form of creative therapy. Expect to experience the soothing effects of creating with your hands, along with the aromatic benefits of the added fragrance.

The use of fragrance in aromatherapy helps to reduce stress levels, aids in sleep enhancement, unlocks memories, and boost mood and energy levels positive effects on mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and enhancement in memories.

Plus you'll have a forever self-care moment with a candle that turns into a body oil. You're gonna love it :)

This easy to use activity based candle making kit will help you to make your own massage candle, all while granting you a little self-care moment. 

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Self-Care Sunday - Enjoy an evening of relaxation and distressing through handcrafting.

  • Candle & Chill - Connect and set the mood with a candle that you can not only make together but can also use together.

  • Candle & Kickback - Invite some friends over and set the vibe with a few kits.

  • Family Bonding - Get the fam together and make some memories.

  • Perfect DIY GIFT - Show someone how much you love them, with a quality gift that you handmade.

At the end of each month we choose one tagged insta post or story as our Glow Candle of the Month.

We'll send the winner a free candle as a token of our appreciation!

Get a HoneyGlow Kit, get creative, and don't forget to tag us @honey_glowco on Instagram so we can repost your BOMB creations!

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