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santal & black cardamom & REVIEWS


  • Highsidity
  • MUVA
  • Bossy
  • Polo down
  • Shawty
  • Motor Sport


  • Cardamom

Sexy, spicy and everything nice-y. Luxurious sandalwood is front and center, complimented by animalic musk and spicy cardamom.

Top: Sandalwood, Black Cardamom

Middle: Amber, Water Lily

Base: Musk, Vanilla

Contains Essential Oils of Amyris Bark Oil from Haiti, Balsam Oil, Lemon Terpenes from Germany, Argentina, Brazil or South Africa, Sandalwood Oil from Australia, and Eucalyptus Oil from China.

  • SEXY
  • Impactful


perfection in a bottle

review by eliza l. on 21 sep 2022

review stating perfection in a bottle

this is the perfect scent! i got it for fall candles but the blend really works all year round. it’s woody but spicy and warm and it’s just perfection.


this scent has power and

review by victoria l. on 18 sep 2022

review stating this scent has power and

this scent has power and lasts! it gives a sophisticated feel to a room.


le labo

review by anna c. on 14 sep 2022

review stating le labo

this smells just like le labo's santal 33.


sexy and enticing!

review by stephanie w. on 31 aug 2022

review stating sexy and enticing!

absolutely love this fragrance! it is definitely unique but everyone who smells it has the same reaction. smells incredibly luxurious and sophisticated!


creamy vanilla wood

review by fisher r. on 30 jun 2022

review stating creamy vanilla wood

sophisticated and creamy blend. this is a very upscale woods and vanilla scent. kind of gives me a creamier, less-green tf tobacco vanille vibe. this should be a contender for anyone that appreciates sophisticated scents. i'd also recommend this to someone that likes vanilla but doesn't like sickeningly sweet vanillas.


strange, in a good way!

review by ariane on 28 jun 2022

review stating strange, in a good way!

it has a sort of sour pungency that makes it very unique but its one of those unique scents that i think most people will enjoy. i mix it with a sweet scent to give it a kick.


sexy spicy santal

review by sabrina on 27 jun 2022

review stating sexy spicy santal

i keep selling out. i’ve purchased at least 4 times.

soft , sensual santal with a touch of cardamom spice. i love makes fragrances because they always smell high end. not your typical candle fragrance oils you can get anywhere.


like a boutique hotel lobby

masculine, feminine, neutral, yet impactful. this is the scent for all. it does throw softly, so up your regular percentage used.

  • Bailey


offesively good

review by charity on 27 jun 2022

review stating offesively good

this scent is unique, complex and offesively good. great 'high end' scent.



review by melissa on 12 may 2022

review stating ah-mazing!

i was a little worried i wouldn't like it because it mentions having some musky scent in the description and i'm not a fan of musk scents but i decided to try it since i saw it being recommended a few times. this scent has to be my #1 choice out of everything i have purchased so far.


i was surprised by the

review by melonie l. on 5 may 2022

review stating i was surprised by the

i was surprised by the scent, it certainly caught me off guard. i will definitely be purchasing a larger bottle


sexy sporty man smell

review by evergreen l. on 16 apr 2022

review stating sexy sporty man smell

ugh. favorite masculine scent by this company, to date. i call it husband because it smells like my man. it makes me think of a sporty clean, fresh guy. not overly cologne-like. i love it.


woody, soft, elegant, earthy...

review by emy o. on 15 apr 2022

review stating woody, soft, elegant, earthy...

so classy & boujee, one of my favorites... if not the most!


a great santal

review by celeste b. on 12 sep 2022

review stating a great santal

this scent has been a best seller in my home collection. i love how earthy & warm this scent is. i love anything santal



review by megan g. on 28 apr 2022

review stating vikings!

i imagine this is what a viking would smell like, lol! i smell the sea air mixed with luxurious cologne in this.


please help

review by angelina on 10 sep 2022

review stating please help

okay the fragrance itself is amazing - very sophisticated, literally one of my favorites. it’s warm and inviting but not too warm. very boutique hotel vibes , seriously amazing. but!!! it doesn’t have a great hot throw. or maybe i’m doing something wrong. can someone comment with how they’ve seen success with this fo fl(i.e. fragrance load % etc) 

read more about review stating please help

thank you! 


  • Hand-made
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Phthalate Free


Beeswax is a powerful natural air cleaner that has been used for centuries. When burned, beeswax releases negative ions which helps to boost your mood, and purify the air of the dust, mold, and odors. Leaving you a stress free, clean home.


Yes, all of our candles are made with hands.... we find that it helps add extra love and care.


Made in Washington, DC of 100% ethically-sourced beeswax, a lead free hemp wick, coconut oil, and a blend of premium grade fragrance oils with essential oils, creating a clean, eco-friendly burn that will give you only good vibes. 


FUN FACT! Beeswax is one of the longest burning waxes out there, so expect to get at least 25 hours of burn time per 4oz candle.


We got you! To get the best results follow our Candle Care guide. 


All items usually ship within 3-5 days. Click here for more info on our shipping policy.


Of course! We wouldn't do you like that. Our fragrances are made using the highest quality fine fragrance oils and essential oils sourced from around the world. All fragrance used are both phthalate and paraben free. 


This means that each ingredient is 100% natural or naturally derived as defined by ISO 92350 - Natural Aromatic Raw Materials Vocabulary. 100% natural fragrances are sourced from raw plant materials, such as essential oils, fractions of essential oils, naturally derived isolates, absolutes and resins obtained from plants and flowers using distillation, expression, or extraction. Candles that are 100% natural are marked within the description.


    • Ships within 1-3 days
    • Free shipping on orders $75+
    Candles Made Better

    Our Candles

    Do Better

    Our beeswax candles releases negative ions which is known to boost mood and energy levels, while reducing stress and anxiety.

    Breath Better

    Beeswax is a natural air purifier, keeping your home free of dust, mold, and odors. Hello allergy- free home.

    Burns Longer

    Our custom beeswax blend creates a slow burn that is both longer- lasting and brighter than any other wax out there. ** Mic Drop

    ENJOY ;)

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